Orders Here For Mile Sci 3

Orders arrived Wednesday for all members of the first year advanced course being activated at Ft. Devens, and 43 men will report there before noon June 3. The orders, dated May 17, include the phrase" for processing and subsequent transfer to a Field Artillery Replacement Training Center."

Signed by Lt. Cold. Morton Smith, former adjutant of the Harvard ROTC, the orders state that men will be reimbursed for the cost of travel to Devens from the address given on the list.

Mil Sci 3 men should take just as little as possible with them to Reception Centers, officers of the Department suggested, pointing out that soldiers are in the habit of carrying their own baggage. One important item to remember is plenty of underwear, since GI issue is often short on that. Sneakers are a good idea, and pajamas should be taken if desired.

Toilet articles will be issued, including a razor and blades, but GI toothbrushes are rumored to be somewhat flabby. Electric shavers are usually useable, but are often inconvenient in barracks. Extra socks, which may be need, can best be obtained at the PX. A radio is allowed, but must be small.