Best news of the week mates is that pay day (that costs on the monetary desert) looms large sometime this coming week. Exact date is not known. But before you start smacking you parched lips in anticipation we may as well take into consideration the fact that as far as having money to burn on the social pyres of Boston pay day will only be a mirage.

Khaki uniforms, for which we were fitted this week, must be paid for, and training over at Baker certainly shows that it is wise to pay for them as soon as possible. Deadline on Coop rebates for payments on khakis will be August 26th. Pay before then and you're getting outfitted at highly reduced rates. Maintain the account as a current liability and cost of fixed assets goes up ... or as we might have said two weeks ago much more simply. "Get it paid and you get it wholesale."

Second best news currently (and probably better news when it goes into effect) is that khakis will be permitted off station on weekends beginning June 26th. So weekend perspiration will be a thing of the past. You will be able to open your pores Saturday noon and stick to mental perspiration in the classroom.

This promises to be another big weekend for Companies 1 and 2,.. if it is anything compared to last week we hereby highly resolve to pay the Navy for the privilege of bring here from Saturday noon through Sunday night From all indications this also promises to be the last "big" weekend for most of us for many a month Scuttlebutt and past class history strongly indicate that these reports we've shuddered so much about will be with us is the very near future.

While we're on the subject of revelry we consider this a perfect opportunity to tender a rousing... and we're sure its unanimous... vote of thanks to Commander Collins and Lt. Anderson for that party last Saturday night at the Hasty Pudding Club. The hasty pastry was quite tasty, thank you, sir.

Looking ahead a few days, to those who were formerly "gainfully employed" among us, there is an income tax payment coming up on June 15th... the Midshipman Athletic program planned for us will shortly be roaring along... we're betting currently that (1) Jim Riley (as usual) will cuss up and down C entry next Monday when his wife (as usual) does not write to him over the weekend, and (2) we're equally certain that you will be able to find E. G. Davis any night at 2000 this week at the center table at the student club telling some novice the story of "the hillbilly who got drafted"... it's a corker.

Just between us, men further news is lacking, and this is degenerating into small talk and scuttlebutt, so we'll shove off (back to the books) until' next week.