Ivy-covered Mellon Hall is again echoing to the songs of the newly-arrived Statisticians-to-be who came from Miami Beach last Monday. The previous residents had been moved to Claverly Hall in anticipation of overcrowding at Mellon. Unfortunately, the former did not arrive in time to participate in the dance that was planned both for them and the Officer Candidates who will become 2nd Lieutenants on Monday, June 28, 1943.

The Parker House Roof was well crowded with Officer Candidates and Midshipmen from Chase Hall who generously contributed to making the dance a huge success.

Second to receiving his gold bars, the students at Mellon Hall look forward to their Graduation Dance. To them it means the end of three months of continual studying and preparation for the duties and responsibilities of an officer. The Parker House Roof will again be the scene of their revelry, and if last Saturday's affairs was a pre-vue of the coming dance, then there is no doubt of its being a tremendous success.