Nine Mil Sci Four Men Return Here

Added to the ASTP last week were nine new men who will occupy unique positions both in the unit at Harvard. They are all Mil Sci 4 men who chose to return to College on active duty to finish the last half of their Senior year to graduate.

The number included Thomas J. Adams, Joseph W. Cummings, Robert C. Davenport, Edward S. Fitzgibbons, Albert P. Moore, Grover O'Neal, James F. Reidy, and Holland Rogers. The rest of this class of ROTCers are at MP school prior to their entry to OCS.

The first of these to arrive was Pvt. Richard Lehman '44, who returned to his old haunts after a few weeks at Camp Lee, Va. He went about registration confident that he had a first-rate "first" to his credit. He claims to be the first Army Private on active duty to enroll as a regular student at Harvard.

The others arrived a few days later, having been rushed through induction and processing at Devens and back to the Yard in a couple of days. For at least one of them, his new life represented merely a change in haberdashery, not in scene, for he is a former resident of McKinlock Hall.