Tricycles Aren't Bicycles? Go Tell It to a Yard Cop

Admiral Farragut said "Damn the Torpedoes--full speed ahead," but it didn't do Freshman Albert "Three Wheeling" Hamilton any good though. He couldn't go full speed ahead 'cause the signs in the Yard said "No Bicycling" and Yard Cops were around to make it hurt.

But late yesterday afternoon he was inspired. He was a long way from Warren House, on Brattle Street, no less, and it was deadline time in English A. But intrepid Albie thought fast. In the back yard was a one worn but sturdy tricycle, not bicycle--tricycle. A way out.

In a trice he reached his goal, then self-satisfied, he pedaled, majestically bowlegged astride his velocipede, through the sacred Yard. Bliss, thought he, but a big man in a black suit said no, it was all the same, tricycles, bicycles, so long you got your health. But Albie still has ideas, "Next time a scooter, s'help me." Damn the Yard Cops, full speed ahead.