Even If You're The Traveler I Won't Be Sent to London

Eighteen years ago, Gaetano Salvemini, Lauro de Bosis Lecturer on the History of Italian. Civilization came here from England and was hidden in Leverett House for a year without anybody finding it out who or what he was. Last Saturday night, The Boston Traveler sent Salvemini back to London without anyone's knowing any more about his leaving.

Salvemini picked up the Saturday morning Traveler and then began a series of interrupted phone calls that muttered dangerous Italian into the carphones of poor Boston reporters, who get stories, for their living.

Only one Champion came out of the dusky haze of Boston journalism to save the Professor, and that was the Christian Science Monitor which told the truth: Salvemini had taken his secret mission to Bar Harbor, Maine; where he was planning to have a little vacation. LaGuardia can go back to his fires in peace now.