At the Friday night esplanade concert the Harvard Glee Club Radcliffe Choral Society sang tour choruses from Bach's B -minor Mass: Kyrie, cum Saneto Spiritu, Crucifixus, and Dona Nobis. Despite the difficulties of outdoor singing the chorus sounded full and resonant, and had a good deal of "life" and enthusiasm for the music; but the tempo was noticeably ragged at places, especially in the very rapid and difficult Cum Sancto Spiritu. Also, there was insufficient shading of dynamics, although this may have resulted from the necessity of singing loud all this time in order to be heard outdoors.

At Sanders theatre Sunday afternoon a smaller picked group of singers from the Glee Club and Choral Society, under the direction of G. Wallace Woodworth, performed Mozart's cantata Regina Coell (K. 108) written when the composer was only 16 years old. The chorus here demonstrated a great deal of precision and feeling, perhaps because of the smaller group and the superior acoustics of Sanders Theatre. Margaret Codd Goldovsky sang the soprano solo, Ora Pro Nobis, from this aria, with great feeling and expression, although in the coloratura passages of the last movement she seemed still to lack that almost instrumental clarity and agility required for singing Mozart.

The first half of the Sanders Theatre Concert was also under Woodworth's direction. In the Brandenberg Concerto No.3 the orchestra was apparently not quite agreed on the tempo, especially at the beginning of the last movement, but the Prelude to Bach's "Ich Hatte Viel Bekuemmernis" was played with profound emotional depth and understanding of the music.