60 Voice NTS Choir Joins In Yard Swing-Sing Session

An NTS officers orchestra and glee club under the directorship of company Commander O. B. Dahie entertained NTS men, their wives, Cliffedwellers, and Sundry V-12ers at a swing-sing session held before Memorial Church Tuesday night. A program conducted by Lt. (jg) O'Neill included a rendition of "Brazil," choral arrangements of "Eight Bells," "Old Man Noah," "The Song of Peace," and "Anchors Aweigh," and a solo of "People Will Think We're in Love," by S.O. Pete Francati. O'Neill of the Welfare and Recreation Office was responsible for this initial success, but was aided by the originators of the band, Jimmy Oliver and Merv Lysing. Featured in the band were "Skins" Walthour, producer of cacophony, Paul Liden on the trumpet, and Melvin Otterson on the bass strings.