Specialists' Corner

With the Weekend only a few hours away entertainment features naturally get top billing in today's column.

Among jazz fans, and they seem to be plentiful on both sides of the quadrangle, the super colossal attraction is the appearance of a body of top-notch improvisers at Lowell House. Art Hodes and Mezz Mezzrow head the list of jam specialists, so don't be surprised if you see a mad dash in the direction of Lowell House right after inspection.

Then there is the Swampscott trip, which is now a regular feature for 12 men in the unit each weekend. It involves such popular activities as swimming, dancing--and eating--at the swank Hotel Preston, and for free at that.

First Sgt. Morris Isacowitz, who arranged the Swampscott affair, also had high hopes for a fishing party for 30-odd men, but it is at least temporarily postponed, for the excellent reason that fishing by private parties in Boston Harbor is frowned upon these days.

* * *

It's a little disillusioning but Co. A of the Harvard ASTU is definitely dominated, numerically at least, by an Army organization called the Corps of Military Police. And it doesn't help much to know that the Medics are second most numerous in McKinlock. The coast Artillery comes third and the Air Corps fourth. For the interest of persons who pale at the sight of a column of figures, the statistics are as follows; Military Police 60, Coast Artillery 33, Medics 41, Air Forces 25, Infantry 23 (how did THEY sneak in?) Field Artillery 15, Corps of Engineers 14, Recruiting Stations 13, Ordnance 6, Quartermaster 5, Harbor Defenses 2, and Armored Forces, Arsenals and Finance one each. This is guaranteed to add up to 252, despite the contention in certain quarters that your correspondent can't handle simple arithmetic. If Not, blame it on the Prof reader.

* * *

A colorful little feature of the Orderly Room these days is the board containing 29 different shoulder patches being worn by men in the unit. It isn't quite complete, though, and Sgt. Isacowitz hopes that the six patches which he knows can be added to the board will be contributed soon. The board already includes patches from seven of the nine Service Commands.