The Press

Poor Hahvahd!

Harvard University, well known for its history-making exploits, recently added another page to world history by deciding a time honored Tufts-Harvard debate. For the first time in the memory of such famous local historians as Frank, "Jawn" has admitted that Tufts is unquestionably the superior school. A committee organized by the Harvard Student Council to investigate the civilian food situation at Harvard announced to the world in the Boston dailies that "Tufts students get more meat."

On the basis of this public declaration it is easy for even the most biased to so that it is a meek admission to the fact that Tufts has more relative importance. For the more fact that Tufts rates the most red ration coupons is a sure indication that one of the world's most just organizations, the United States Government, recognizes Tufts' indisputable predominance.--The Tufts Weekly.