In another feeble attempt to duplicate the popularity of their stage show, "Hellzapoppin," by a cinema "extravaganza," Olsen and Johns on have once again wasted yards of valuable film. Unfortunately, the creators of "Crazy House" tried to toss a plot into the script, thereby only adding to the general confusion. Olsen and Johnson play themselves, supposedly banned from their studio by an irate producer. Undaunted, they form their own company, with Franchot Tone as director and a would-be millionaire as financial backer. Tone, as talent scout, discovers the love interest--Marsha Hunt. In an hour and a quarter of slapstick "humor" and distorted romance, the bedlam increases, until climaxed by the sale of the movie-within-a-movie for over a million dollars (stage money).

This flopperoo par excellance should help tech the Holywood master minds that it would be better to save their turkeys for Thanksgiving.