Ration Books Must Be Turned in by Thursday

All civilian students living in the Houses who eat in the dining halls must turn in their ration books at their dining halls by Thursday, Dean Hanford announced Saturday. Servicemen who are served under contract are exempt from this requirement.

Dean Hanford explained that under General Rationing Order of the OPA, the University is required to collect ration books containing food stamps. Although all new students have been notified that ration books must be turned in to the Bursar at Lehman Hall, and older students were familiar with the requirement, many ration books have not been turned in.

Therefore, Aldrich Durant, Business Manager of the University, has ordered that after Thursday night no meals be served to students who can not show a receipt for their ration books or a note from the Bursar that the necessary steps have been taken by the student to deposit the ration books as soon as possible. Exclusion from the dining hall for this reason will not excuse anyone from the regular board charges.