Hu Flung Huey Flings 'Em

"Morterfication," cried veteran Hu Flung Huey oeC, Schmidten with momentary forchodings, "it can't be worse than Fritts. PT says they'll torpedo us, but they'll have to Shew me. I Thom my nose at Secrest of them who aims to Pierce John's smirchless line. Vicario ball through the devil's Zoeller stairs. Navin can stop us. We're not Cowen.

"Davis thing to do might be just to wait and see, 'stead of Perkins our blustering two-cents' worth in. Well, t'Mroz the day, and Moore than ever our Vohs go to the home team. Svendsentimentalists Trumbull out the records, Berger even money the score reads: Harvard 13  P.T. 12