Indoor Program Will Open For Winter Months Monday

Starting next Monday and running each week Monday through Friday, inclusive, during this term, indoor rowing machines will be available to all between the hours of 2 and 6 o'clock in the afternoon at the Weld Boat House, Athletic Director Carroll F. Getchell announced yesterday.

Ordinarily, all indoor rowing as well as Varsity eight work is done at the Newell Boat House across the river opposite Soldiers Field. But this year, since Newell has been closed, eights have been operating from Weld and rowing machines have recently been installed to accommodate a large expected turnout of crewmen, who will be able to remain in condition throughout the winter months.

Athletic Credit Given

The indoor machines at Weld will also be available to non-crewmen who wish to acquire major athletic conditioning program credits and will count the same as House football, basketball, track, soccer, swimming, and calisthenics. Bert Haines, head crew coach, will supervise the rowing program.

The indoor rowing machines employ the same principle as the treadmill, with the rower putting considerable effort into his work but apparently making no headway. Actual progress is not noted until the following spring when the rower steps into a real shell.