Startling changes in the Crimson lineup are apparent, as the Varsity prepares to take on a powerful, all-around team from the Melville, R. I., PT School. Only four of Henry Lamar's gridmen can be found in the positions in which they started the last game before examinations. HARVARD  PT RAIDERS Morter, l.e.  r.e., Berger Davis, l.t.  r.t., Thom Mroz, l.g.  r.g., Smith Vicario, c.  c., Svendsen Allen, r.g.  l.g., Shew Pierce, r.t.  l.t., Vohs Perkins, r.e.  l.e., Moore Trumbull, q.b.  q.b., Schmidt Navin, l.h.b.  r.h.b., Cooper or Macdonald Fritts, r.h.b.  l.h.b., Zoeller Cowen, f.b.  f.b., Secrest