Harvard Students To Attend Parley

Student Council, Debaters Will Send Men to Columbia

Members of the Harvard Debate Council and the Student Council will represent Harvard at a model peace conference to be held at Columbia University from January 4 to 6, it was revealed yesterday.

Representing the various nations of Europe, all the outstanding Eastern colleges have been invited to draw up a treaty in the three day session which is sponsored by Columbia's Debating Club.

Each college will be assigned a country to represent at the conference, and will be expected to conduct a study of the political, economic, and social problems of the nation. Aided by Columbia reading lists, Harvard will prepare to lobby for its assigned country and will use the study as a background in constructing the model treaty.

According to the literature sent out by the Columbia Debating Club, "the primary objective of the conference will be to create a better understanding among students of world problems through the drawing up of a European peace treaty embodying a plan for an international security organization."