A Simple Story of The Land And The Faith of Its People

Yep, mister, this hero's Harvard Yard all right. Rescedin' it. Gonna put it back to grass. How'd it happen? Well, people started walkin' over it, late to classes, I guess. Then them Navy feliers used it for drillin', exercisin', 'n such. Guess they figgered over in University Hall, that they'd let the grass go till after the war.

Well, by last winter, warn't nary a blade left. Guess they forgot bout them dust storms, 'cause the topsoil just upped and blowed away. Couldn't even raise dandelions. So, me 'n the missus packed our duds on the Ford and headed out for Californy. Reard there'd be work out there for us Picked oranges for a livin' 'n me a Harvard Man. Yep majored in Fine Arts, Bout a couple o' weeks ago. Government man came 'round, told us about rescedin' 'n contour plowin'. We, me 'n the missus, decided we might as well go on back to our own land, and try to make a go of it again Well, so long, mister sorry, didn't got the name? Well, so long, Mr. Steinbeck.