Dramatic Club to Continue Its Work

Drama at Harvard will continue throughout this summer, it was announced last night by officials of The Harvard Dramatic Club. Plans for this summer, though incomplete, call for a full scale production, perhaps with the Radcliffe Idler.

Bringing to a close its thirty-fifth season, the HDC has just completed something of a record in that it was one of the first collegiate dramatic groups founded for the express purpose of presenting undergraduate written plays. When the stock of these ran out, it turned to Europe and Asia, bringing to the American stage for the first time many plays which would never have reached it through professional channels. Some of these have gone on to Broadway, as have numerous HDC members. This season saw Paul Robeson made a member of the honorary advisory committee at a tea in his honor, a production of Barrie's "The Admirable Crichton" and a well received presentation of Synge's "The Playboy of the Western World."

All members of the University, servicemen and civilians, will be invited to try out for various positions shortly after vacation.