The Lucky Bag

The other night we finally took an hour out from Disbursing and allied subjects to drown our troubles in that which the Students' Club is noted for. Evidently others had the same idea for the joint was mobbed. During the period there we chanced to overhear the following scintillating conversation:

--"Hey, who's that guy?"

--"He's Strunk."

--"He is!--How'd he get that way?"

--"His father made him that way."

--"What's the matter with his father?"

--"He's Strunk, too."


Maddening isn't it?

Then there is the little opus which was germinated by the inspiration of Howie Brundage, Co 3 financier. Howie is one of those rare animals who saves tinfoil, string and time. He saves his money, also. The opus:

A fellow called Brundage--or Howie

Sells back his Heralds to Cowie

He said "Paper is shy--

Must conserve the supply."

And I'm saving 3 cents per day--Zowie!"

While we're on the subject of Brundage, his roommate Norm Brown comes into the picture for a fleeting second. Norm wants his many admires to know that his famous pajamas have been sent to the laundry through the kindness of his friends. Visitors can now enter the room without any after effects.

Tuesday came and with it the old loaded Eagle. After the bird had left we were wealthy again. V-12 was never like this--thank heaven. With the padding of the pockets, there was a rush for those Blood Donor blanks. 2300 liberty looks good when one is so flush.

We received a postcard from "our girl" Helen the other day. She is now on vacation for three weeks--one week of which is now past. During this time there is, and probably will continue to be a noticeable clearance of corridors on the first deck of Baker. (By the way will the cad who stole that picture of Helen out of our room please return same?)

Still covering the women in your lives; Mrs. Scullion, who takes care of Chase E. and F. entries, wants to know:

1.) Who stole her can of Polident?

2.) Who is the fiend who gave her new mop a crew haircut?

The social committee has just about completed plans for that Beer Bust that we owe the Seniors. The date should he announced this week. There will be an assessment of a certain amount upon each Junior. So now is the time for all good Juniors to come to the aid of their party and see that Seniors drink plenty of water just before the fiesta.

That announcement in this column last week about the coming marriage of Gene Speer caused a bit of embarrassment to the gentleman. We can look for a sharp dropping off of Gene's marks. It seems that his "friendless," Cora, the marker, also reads the News.

Wednesday evening and the Blood-liberty saw many of the boys down at the Esplanade enjoying the outdoor concert. We saw Rodney Brokenshire and his Cowie dietitian (very nice, too); Vin Bjoin and his Spar; and many others as they listened to Fledler at his best.

So great has been the goings and comings of the Midshipmen into our quarters asking the age-old question, "What is the key to this Case Method?" that Gil Cross has devised the following formula, Like Gil's life, this formula puts everything down "cold."

Case Method

Fiddle, fiddle, fuss and diddle,

Start at back--end at middle.

Flip a coin, consult a crystal.

Finally, choose to use a pistol