The Lucky Bag

The other night we finally took an hour out from Disbursing and allied subjects to drown our troubles in that which the Students' Club is noted for. Evidently others had the same idea for the joint was mobbed. During the period there we chanced to overhear the following scintillating conversation:

--"Hey, who's that guy?"

--"He's Strunk."

--"He is!--How'd he get that way?"

--"His father made him that way."

--"What's the matter with his father?"

--"He's Strunk, too."


Maddening isn't it?

Then there is the little opus which was germinated by the inspiration of Howie Brundage, Co 3 financier. Howie is one of those rare animals who saves tinfoil, string and time. He saves his money, also. The opus:

A fellow called Brundage--or Howie

Sells back his Heralds to Cowie

He said "Paper is shy--

Must conserve the supply."

And I'm saving 3 cents per day--Zowie!"