The Lucky Bag

Much has taken place in the privatizes of our dear company since we last appeared in print. The Christmas leave was spent profitably (either in action or just comfortably asleep all day), New Year's Eve was written off as a gross loss, but the final net profit for the period won't be determined until the results of those fateful mid-terms are publicized on or about 15 January. As Herman Homer Cone says, "It isn't the marks, it's the worry and uncertainty that slays me."

During that Xmas leave "Lulu" Baker showed the town of New York what could really happen to it when something from Minnesota blows in well equipped to go to work with red paint.

The big political news in local circles is of course the class election which incidentally, was held amid scenes worthy of the most successful national convention ever run in Chicago or elsewhere. The results have Buck Ayars and Sam Wolf as co-chairmen of the class council; Bob "500" Grinaker as secretary; Phill Masquelette as our tight-fisted treasurer; and Bernie Bienvenu and Ed Rinetti as co-chairmen of the SAC (Social Activities Committee) which promises to be active in the near future, especially around March 1. The other main event listed. for the council's consideration is the class year book (you know, we're scheduled to graduate in October 194x) so perhaps we'll get some work out of our duly elected officers yet. Not to slight the men of importance in high ranking circles, we must also note that Bob "Battalion" Brocker has been appointed liaison officer of the council to maintain the smooth working organization in the case.

A few weeks ago we passed up an opportunity to tell all that on $65 per month our little company's contributions averaged $38.75 per man in the Pearl Harbor bond drive, to the mystification of all, especially the men concerned. But we can't forget to boast of our present pride and joy, the company basketball team which became "champeen" of the entire Supply School under the blazing leadership of "Flashing Jack" Falsey, late of Harvard across the Charles