The Lucky Bag

Definitely the story of the year is F. X. Hayes' own description of his gummed-up experiences of last Saturday night, at the Copley Plaza no less. Worth the cost of admission at any price, no one should leave these regions without hearing how Frankie caught the eye (and hand) of local "society."

Jack Falsey also has a humorous tale which any of his roommates will be glad to tell at any time. Jack will either have to stop writing billet-doux early in the morning while he's still sleepy or else set up a handy file for his pseudonyms. After setting the fashion pace by coming out at the second elbow within a week, Tex Lifshutz has modestly decided to accept L. Fuller's offer of a temporary loan of one complete black shirt.

Indirect reports have B. F. Sturtevant offering Dave Downing an immediate position as executive advisor to the president. And because of his vast (and freely expressed) knowledge of palletizing there may be room of Jack Gumbiner in that storage shed behind building 2.

Finally, it is not true that Paul Giamis went around looking into the eyes of the lady welders telling them that he was a psychoanalyst, with an M.B. degree from the Business School, looking for introverts in the factory; no, he used a different story.

Once again Baker C has been the hot-bed of the best observations of the week. For instance, "Bashful Bob" Brocker freely admitted for once that he had "been around a bit." We suspected it all along. "Hashmark Harry" Cagle and "Boilermaker" Lutz showed inspired knowledge of naval affairs. Jim Frauenhoff brings a world atlas to tests to determine the location of 100 degrees east and west longitude and still can's figure the TA from Boston to Boston. By the way, did you notice the subtle irony in that ill-fated test Tuesday?