PBH Enlists Orators To Lecture Newsboys, Ladies, Wellesley Girls

Are there any frustrated after-dinner orators in the house? Or would-be ladies' club lecturers? Phillips Brooks House offers the perfect answer to these ambitions in its Speakers and Entertainers Committee.

As part of a service that was started three years before the war and is now being revived, Brooks House is attempting to supply speakers and entertainers to a number of settlement houses, church groups, college organizations, and hospitals--at no cost to either party.

Numerous requests are received by PBH from such widely varied organizations as West End House, Emerson and Wellesley Colleges, church groups, and the Burroughs Newsboy Foundation. The veriety of these requests is wide: academic subjects, current events, war service, music for benefits, and entertainment at veterans' hospitals are among the many fields in which undergraduates are needed for volunteer work.