Pooh Fanciers Start Club; Rueter Chosen As Christopher Robin

With half a dozen of the University's finest parked in their office across the hall, a new organization was born in Grays Hall yesterday. Pooh--Winnie the Pooh to be exact--is the word for the new group, which laid frothy plans for the propagation of A. A. Milne's nonsense throughout the College.

Behind this back-to-the Green- Forest movement were two Yardlings, Paul Sapir '50 and Robert Ashenhurst '50 Neither of them were sure after yesterday's meeting what the direction of Pooh Club would take, or even whether it would be approved by the Dean's office.

Charles W. Duhig '29, assistant dean of the College, through whose office such matters must pass commented only, "I never heard of them" when informed of the organization's existence.

Meanwhile, in an effort to find a sponsor, the group chose William G. Rueter '46 in absentia as Christopher Robin. Rueter, who heads a small group of Poonsters, was unavailable for comment last night.