Redskin Harriers on Warpath From Hills For Crimson's Scalp

With a record of one second and one third place for the season, the Varsity cross countrymen will try their luck and skill for the third time this afternoon against a power-packed Dartmouth squad which last week shattered the hopes of Tufts and MIT.

The Franklin Park course will also se the Yardling squad in action for the first time, facing the Indian Freshmen who have a record of two wins, scalping the Andover Varsity last Saturday.

Jack Hanley, of Dartmouth, will be counted on to deliver a low scoring position this afternoon after his strong second place showing last week against the record-setting Ted Vogel of Tufts.

Starting for the Varsity harriers will be captain-elect Frank Gurley, Huna Rosenfeld, John Cogan, Peter Morgan, Charles Worth, T. H. Walnut, Ray Brown, Peter Ways, Hal May, and Norn Murch.