HDC Announces McCullough as Director of 'Adam the Creator'

Announcing the selection of Andrew McCullough '45, of Adams House, as director, the Harvard Dramatic Club last night listed production heads for its forth-coming presentation of "Adam the Creator" the week of November 12. Assisted by Peter V. Poor '47, and Thomas C. McGowan '48, McCullough will be the first student director of a major HDC production in recent College history.

Faced with the problem of destroying the world in the first scene and still leaving Sanders intact for subsequent performances, the production crew will include Paul Burgraff '48, chairman, and Yardley D. Buckman '49, William D. Warters '49, Austryn Wainhouse '48, and David Michael, Jr. '48.

Since plans call for using all parts of the theater during various scenes, the lights will be of "major importance." Committee co-chairmen will be Thorndike Saville, Jr. '46, and Whitney L. Frye '46.