The Moviegoer

At the Keith Memorial

"Make Mine Music" is a conglomeration of ten unattached shorts, none of which stop the show, although there are several that slow it down a good deal. The film is weakened by the lack of connection between sequences; it is hard to jump from the snow covered forests of Czarist Russia to the swamp land of Louisiana with nothing more than a Valentine card in between to announce the transition. Only twice is the film worthy of the reputation of Walt Disney and of Disney's former achievements. "Casey at the Bat" features the voice of Jerry Colonna plus some very fine satire on rattling the pitcher and whipping the ball around the infield after each out. It is reminiscent of Disney's "How to Play Baseball" of four years ago, one of the funniest cartoons ever released. In "Willie the Whale" Nelson Eddy does a commendable job of both the narration and the singing in this story of the whale who could sing grand opera.

The rest of the picture is not so pleasant a memory. "The Martins and the Coys," though enjoyable, has little in the way of sustained humor, originality, or cleverness; "All the Cats Join In," featuring Benny Goodman, shows Disney's skill in animation but nothing else. Beyond these there is only boredom, comparable, in a way, to watching an army training film. "Peter and the Wolf" was obviously aimed at the children's trade and has no appeal for adults. "Two Silhouettes" features a sickening ballet to the accompaniment of the equally sickening singing of Dinah Shore. Andy Russell's singing will probably not even get a rise out of the bobby soxers, while the Andrews Sisters' rendition of "Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet" would have tasted better with less sugar. The sequence featuring the Goodman sextet is a bit of surrealism that seems to have no place in the realm of motion pictures, though it comes out better in an animated cartoon than when dragged into a regular movie as a dream sequence. "Roll Along, Blue Bayon," which stars two cranes cavorting in the heart of Senator Claghorn's country, is probably the dullest thing ever to come out of the Disney studios.