AVC Sponsors Action On Votes, Subsistence

Holding its first official meeting Wednesday night, The University chapter of the American Veterans Committee elected one new officer to its executive committee, passed two resolutions on current race problems, planned a campaign to make every veteran a voter this fall, and appointed a committee to study veterans' subsistence allowance problems.

Meeting in Littauer Auditorium, over 100 members turned out in spite of the rain. The meeting voted to postpone of election of regular permanent officers until October when the chapter constitution will be adopted.

To carry on the work until that time however, they decided to elect one additional temporary officer, and Reginald H. Zalles 1G, was chosen for the new office of Executive Secretary.

Resolutions passed, included one directing telegrams of protest to President Truman, Attorney General Tom Clark, and Governor Ellis Arnall of Georgia, in regard to the recent lynchings and race troubles in the south. A second telegram objected to the limitation of negro enlistments in the new Army and Navy enlistment drives.

Further plans of the group included a program next fall to get every veteran in the University to vote in his home elections. For this purpose the AVC will furnish information on voting laws, candidates, and voting records of incumbent politicians, in districts and states all over the country.