Heavy College Vote Favors Women in Cheering Section

Results of Poll Will Go Before Athletic Council

Overwhelming response to the Student Council's poll on seating distribution resulted in a four to one vote to abolish the all male cheering section, Council representative Partrick D. Dailey '50 reported last night after final tabulation.

Immediately after the final count was in at nine o'clock. Athletic Director William J. Bingham '16 announced that he would pass the results along to the Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports with his recommendation that the new plan be put into effect.

Vale Applications Held

This committee meets next on November third, five days after the final date for Yale ticket applications. In order that the new system, if approved, be put into effect for that game, Bingham asked that all tickets be bought by the application system previously used only by students taking girls. No tickets will be distributed until the week of the game.

Seating for the Yale game and all subsequent games will be on direct class priority, but Bingham was not ready to announce in what way they would be allotted until he gets a more complete student opinion. As far as the Yale game goes, Seniors will get seats about halfway back in the stands, but some sort of a poll will be taken before the new plan goes into effect in the Stadium.

Only 493 students voted for retention of the all-male cheering section, while 2171 voted for abolition and 75 could muster no opinion. The grand total of 2739 votes comprised one of the largest in recent Council history.

The die-hard single seat voters objected to crumbling tradition and prejudice against "those who love the game."