Few to Move To Houses in Coming Term

Only 50-70 Openings Listed for January

Few undergraduates will be admitted to Houses at the end of the present term because of the recent Masters' decision to cut House enrollments next semester, Robert B. Watson '37, associate dean of the College, announced yesterday.

Only 50 to 70 January House vacancies will be available for reassignment as a result of the decision, Watson disclosed, emphasizing that the reduction was necessary in view of the "extreme overflow conditions at all Houses."

"At present, enrollments at the Houses are almost 60 percent above pre-war, causing far too much crowding, " Watson declared. Most of the students not accepted now will be admitted in May.

January Procedure Get

Commuters from the outer areas chosen by lot will occupy some of the room vacancies, but Yard and outside dorm men now on the waiting lists will have first call on the House openings, with the commuters moving into the dormitory rooms.

Watson reported that in the spring, the College will continue the procedure of giving preference for House openings to Seniors who have never resided in Houses. However, an equal number of Juniors and Sophomores will be accepted in order to maintain traditional House cross-sections of class groups.