Frosh Five Meets M.I.T. In First Fracas Tonight

It's a tall, rangy squad of westerners that Freshman Coach Warren Berg will board for the first time tonight at M.I.T., and according to Berg, "That's what we like."

Berg, who sent two possible starters, John R. Rockwell and Cliff Crosby, to this year's Varsity from his last year's squad, likes the way his long-armed dead-eyes have developed in four weeks of practice so far.

Pat McCormick, 6 ft., 5 in., will be pivot man. McCormick, from Cleveland, was a hurler on the track team last spring and makes good use of his height and jump on the tip-off and under the basket. Cruising at the same altitude is forward Ed Smith, 6 ft., 5 in., who will be firing with either hand from the left. Smith's home field is in Columbus, Ohio.

Possible Starting Forwards

Berg has three possible starters for the other forward, Jim Gabler, John Pankey, and Dave Skinner. Gabler, captain of the Freshman soccer team last fall, was a star bucket man at Exeter last fall, Pankey, from Montana, showed both heels as a cross country star this fall. His duties will be as a spitfire, close-to-target escort for his long range bombing teammates.

Dave Skinner, the third possible starting forward, halls from Detroit, just across the street from the Michigan State Gymnasium. Elected the outstanding athlete-scholar at Milton Academy last year, his scoring specialty is a looping set shot from the side of the court.

Quentin Styles will be plunking from one of the guard slots with his distinctive fast, low, long shot. His fast, deceptive passing should prove invaluable in breaking the opponent's defense. Tricky Fred Wegner from Southbend, Indiana, will fill the other guard position. Except for Pankey he is the fastest and most ubiquitous man on the team.

Probable starting lineup: McCorinick, center; Smith and either Gabler, Pankey, or Skinner as forwards; Styles and Wegner as guards. The Schedule Dec. 3  M.I.T. (away) Dec. 6  Brown Dec. 9  Nichols Junior College Dec. 13  Tufts (away) Dec. 20  B.C. (Boston Garden) Jan. 10  Milton Academy Jan. 13  Holy Cross (Boston Garden) Jan. 14  Tufts Feb. 4  Tabor Academy Feb. 7  Penn Charter Feb. 11  Exeter Feb. 18  Exeter (away) Feb. 21  Andover Feb. 28  Brown (away) Mar. 9  Dartmouth (Boston Garden) Mar. 13  Yale (away)