Glee Culb Schedules Full Spring Program; Lectures, Sex Added to WHCN Repertoire

Conant, Davison and Copeland Address Network Audiences In Sixth Broadcasting Year

Armchair audits, featuring such University luminaries as Gordon W. Allport Professor of Psychology, Archibald T. Davison, James Edward Ditson, Professor of Music, and President Conant, highlighted WHCN's sixth year of piped in broadcasting.

Returning to a full time schedule after wartime interruptions, the Crimson Network, with operation headquarters in dudley Hall's basement, brought to test tube tuned students a steady supply of musical productions, special feature presentations, and notable speakers, among them Charles Townsend Copeland '82, Boylston Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory, emeritus, in his annual Christmas readings.

To further listener social life, the Network gave eager males a chance to try sales technique on three Cliffedwellers, who picked their prospective dates, over the radio, on the basis of a smooth, steady line. On-the-spot broadcasts of the Dartmouth football games and various University forums let students absorb the local activities without venturing forth into rain or snow or slot outside.

Under the direction of Network president Harold P. Field '46, WHCN also organized a person-to-person listener poll to find out the fancies and pet hates of radio audiences.

Although present wiring arrangements do not include the Yard and the Business School, Network engineers are drawing the diagrams and sketching the blueprints for more complete University coverage, so that more may have a chance to hear the disc-jockeys, the presidents, and the professors emeritus that are pushed before the WHCN microphone.