Books Will Remain In Boylston, Union

Reserved books for the large Freshman History, Government, and Economics courses will again be available on the shelves of the Union Library and the Boylston Reading Room. John Gallon, in charge of the Boylston Reading Room, announced yesterday that the "only changes since last term" will be the addition of the Government 3 and History 83 texts to the Boylston unit, and the removal of the books for Government 4 and Government 7, which are not being given this term.

Besides the Government 3 and History 83 volumes, one-third of the University's books for History 1 and all the required reading for History 5 will be available at Boylston, while Economics A, History 1 and Government 1 students may do their perusing at the Union.

The same rules as observed last term will apply to the borrowing of books from the reserved shelves.