The Moviegoer

Portrait of a Woman; Wanted for Murder; Hymn of the Nations At the Exeter

This showing of the French film "Portrait of a Woman" based on a screen play by Jacques Feyder affords little satisfaction to the low intellect movie-goer. A quick disposal of plot by Mr. Feyder and the four superb characterizations of a woman by the actress Francoise Rosay provide a drama which maintains interest throughout.

The story revolves around the effort of French police to identify the body of a woman who had committed suicide. Flashback episodes of the lives of four women who were reported missing at the same time an opera star, a school mistress, a farmer's housekeeper, and a bargeman's wife-constitute the narrative.

"Wanted for Murder," a British film, starring Eric Portman and Duleic Gray, is a Jekyll and Hyde story of a young, wealthy Englishman who strangled his feminine companions to death. At first befuddled, Scotland Yard finally arrives to save the life of the sixth victim.

With the half hour musical "Hymn of the Nations," presenting Arture Toscanini and the N.B.C. Symphony, the triple feature was completed, and the outstanding performance of soloist Jan Peerce and the Westminster Choir in addition to some closeups of maestro Toscanini provided a real musical treat.