Revamped Radditudes Hits Stands Tonight As Editors Plan Dance

Still the only University literary publication until the Advocate make its appearance March 24, Radditudes will hit the newsstands of the House dining halls with its March issue tonight, complete with a new staff of editors, a new colored cover, new feature materials, and a 20 cent price reduction.

Current financial success has enough the price down from the original 43 cents to a quarter. Far from the only drastic move of the new staff, the have also given readers a chance to speak their mind in a new letter column.

To celebrate the revamped magazine the editors are holding a record dance in the Aggasiz living room from 8 to 12 o'clock tomorrow night. Reflecting their financial opnience admission will be only 50 cents for stags or couples, and six copies of the Ivy League album will be given away as door prices