600 Couples Jam Two '50 Jubilee Weekend Dances

Six hundred enthralled but hard-pressed couples, an original musical comedy, and the enthroning of a statuesque, Grecian-type beauty highlighted the Class of 1950's Jubilee Weekend, which banged to a climax under Sam Donchue's baton in the Union Saturday night, and ended with a whimper as ice-packs were applied yesterday morning.

Friday night's Cabaret Dance transformed Mem Hall's elephantine West Room into a conglomeration of jammed night-club-like tables, but order was temporarily installed when Bob Ashenhurat '50's "Jubilee Day" show held the Spotlight. Here pre-dance romantic difficulties were put to words and music for an audience with some preoccupations of its own.

Six much-published Rogers models spiced up Saturday night festivities by donating dance to lucky toket-holders, while the vast majority of amateur couples trotted to the melodies of the Donohue band in the dining hall to the licks of the Harvard Squares in the more intimate and darkened surroundings of the Union Common Room.