Scotch Praise New England 'Friend Ship'

Aided by University, Vessel Nears Harbor

Even before the arrival of the recently-dispatched relief ship S. S. Friend Ship to Scotland, a deluge of mail has begun to pour in from the Scots, praising the "tremendous gesture of friendship shown by the people of New England," among them University students.

Most of the letters were addressed to Bill Cunningham, columnist on the Boston Herald. Along with other local contributors, Cunningham broadcast to Scotland over short wave station WRUL in early December announcing the plan.

"It's not the custom for a Scot to carry his heart on his sleeve," one letter said. "Rather would he say everything is all right, and that he is going along fine than solicit help. It's not the value of the magnificent gifts you have shipped from Boston. That is great, But more valuable still is the spirit which prompted it, and my poor words cannot adequately express my personal thanks."

Cargo Sent January 3

Before the Christmas vacation, University students along with scores of New England business firms, ranging from Schenley Products to the Revere Dog Racing Association, came forth with a substantial donation to the $1,200,000 cargo of food and clothing, which left Boston Saturday, January 3.

Striking bread and butter from University menus on December 19, resulted in a shipment of over 1,500 pounds of wheat and 300 pounds of butter, said Guentter Mattersdorf '48, one of the student leaders of the S. S. Friend Ship drive.

The Business and Graduate dining halls took part in the conservation on December 19, and several of the other graduate schools are now sending cash funds direct to the Scots.

The 'Friend Ship' plan was carried out under the Boston Chamber of Commerce.

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