Alumni Appeal

Only twenty-four days and one decisive meeting separate the drive for a useful war memorial from complete failure. Two groups have the power to adopt or throw out the Saltonstall Committee's plan for a $60,000 inscription in Memorial Church. One group, the directors of the Alumni Association, met eleven days ago, and, without first finding out the sentiment of its membership, voted to accept the Saltonstall proposal. The other group, the executive board of the Associated Harvard Clubs, meets on November 19.

In an attempt to arouse alumni opinion before the November session, the Student Concil and the Crimson Key Society have planned a brochure stating the case for a useful memorial--and preferably for a Student Activities Center. To put such a brochure in the hands of the College's 38,000 alumni will cost around $1,500. So the pamphlet's sponsors are asking 70 College organizations to chip in.

Even if an activities center wins alumni support the Harvard Clubs may still choose to make the Saltonstall proposal a certainty. This possibility, however, should not discourage organizations from contributing to the brochure. Alumni backing would greatly influence the University Administration to put an activities center high on its schedule of future building jobs.