Too Many Cooks...

Tailback Chuck Roche tries his hand at squirming out of a rather complicated situation in the Holy Cross game. The chummy trio trying to dispose of him are: kicking, James Murphy, quarterback; kneeling, Bill Stetter, center; and standing, Walt Sheridan, left halfback. In the foreground, end Bob DiBlasio is also doing some graceful kicking, while churning up from behind are Chip Cannon and Paul O'Brien.

Roche's run took place during one of Harvard's first quarter drives that fizzled out near the Cross goal line. The play which got him as far as he did was the same one that later gave him a touchdown in the third period: the chips-down, fourth-down, fake pass. This time, however, he fell short of a first down by five yards.

The ironic thing about the huge success of this one-man Statute of Liberty play is that Roche who had to persuade the defenders that he was going to pass, was playing with a damaged right arm that wouldn't let him pass. All the chucking in the Holy Cross game was done by Jim Noonan.