Jayvees Ship Off To Burdett Today

Tentatively revamped because of the possible loss of two high-scoring forwards to the Varsity, Hal Kopp's jayvee quintet embarks for Lynn this afternoon to engage Burdott Junior College.

John Altrocchi and Bill Mobraaton are currently sitting insecurely on the varsity bench and putting in appearances at some of the jayvee games. Kopp can not count on them for other practices or games, and whether the two will be racking up points against Burdett Junior College this afternoon is a most point.

With a record of eight wins and three defeats put away, the Jayvees are set on writing off Burdett as one more victory to their credit before the heavy end of the season comes up. Dartmouth, Yale and a loudly-publicized fracas with the Crimson Freshmen loom big to the insecurely lined-up Jayvees.