17 More Schools Join Marshall Plan Group

Simultaneous Rallies Set for Next Week

Student action to "Save the Marshall Plan" will extend to all parts of New England, the Harvard-Radcliffe committee in the campaign announced last night, as 17 other colleges agreed to conduct simultaneous rallies next week in support of the European recovery program.

Extension beyond Cambridge came as the result of 100 letters sent out by the committee last week, implemented by weekend auto trips to many of the schools, Daniel Yankelwitz 1G, executive secretary of the Harvard-Radcliffe committee disclosed.

Yankelwitz termed the response "an expression of the active support for the Marshall Plan by the entire New England acalemic community, one of the things we want most to show."

Included among the 17 schools backing the Harvard-Radcliffe program are Yale, M.L.T., Brown, Amherst, Williams, Smith, and Wellesley.

Torchlight Parade Set

As the other colleges entered the campaign, the Harvard-Radcliffe committee went ahead with its own plans for next week's rally at Sanders Theater. The Band will lead a torchlight parade before the program starts.

Exact date of the demonstration is still up in the air, as the list of speakers has not yet been completed. Acceptances are momentarily awaited, rally head Endicott Peabody '41 2L said.

Committee workers will accent all students tonight with material for petitions and letters to congressmen.

Tables equipped with stationery, addresses, and information for letters to Washington will be stationed in all University dining halls at the evening meal.