Band Seeks Funds for Trips

Asks College to Pay For Football Tracks

"For services rendered," Band officers yesterday asked the University to finance all future football trips.

The request was the "definite proposal" Associate Dean Watson requested early this month when the group indicated its need for money. If accepted, it will be the first time the University has ever given money to a student organization.

Train fare to away football games is the only kind of aid the Band is seeking. Manager Joseph J. Borgatti, Jr. '45 has asked that these allocations be made an annual item on the University budget.

Alumni Aid Dwindling

Ebbing alumni aid has forced the Band to other sources for its finances. Unless the musicians get money from the University, the Cornell and Army trips may be omitted next year, Borgatti said. The Athletic Association will probably pay for the Princeton trek

The petition will be studied by Deans Watson and Bender before submission to the Faculty Committee on Student Activities for a decision. Dean Watson previously said the College "wants to do everything in its power to help them get money" But this doesn't mean that funds are available, he cautioned.

Tour May Bring Money

Meanwhile, the Band continued to hope for money via the suggested South American tour The group may have to find an angel to underwrite it before the University lets it embark on the $100,000 journey this summer.

Letters to Washington and numerous South American cities are currently proposing plans for the tour, which is still very hypothetical.

In conjunction with the trip, the Band is considering cutting an album of national anthems of the southern republics.