Little Harvey, Hare's Heir, Will Cheer Nursery School

Sir Harvey Harvard is dead, but his six day old son, Harvey II, will hop right into his place as official mascot at the University Nursery School a week from today.

The late honorable Harvey I, a 20-pound Angora buck rabbit that romped the nursery confines for two years, was rushed to the Belmont Animal Hospital last week for an operation on a paw infection. But nothing could be done for the prostrate rabbit.

"He was on his feet 24 hours a day," Miss Winfred Lydon, Director of the Nursery School, ruefully explained. "His poor little feet just couldn't get a chance to heal."

Last Tuesday, the ailing Sir Harvey suddenly became a father when plaintive squeals of a new-born baby bunny rang through the halls of the biology labs. Harvey Harvard II had come into the world. But all was not destined for happiness. This little ball of fur never got to know his proud father, for the next day, Sir Harvey was committed to the earth in which he had never been able to burrow.

One note of philosophic cheer was sounded, however by a "progressive five-year older," who callously explained, "Aw! Dat bunny was getting too old anyhow."

Sadnees prevails at the nursery, but when Harvey's son is strong enough to take over duties as mascot, his sire's personality will be replaced.