Draft Will Pass Within Four Weeks--Saltonstall

No College Privileges In Senate Proposal

A draft-UMT bill will become law in from three weeks to a month, Senator Leverett Saltonstall '14 predicted over the weekend.

Following an address to 70-odd members of the Young Republican Club, the Massachusetts Senator and member of the Senate Armed Services Committee estimated that it would take that long to from out Senate-House disagreements on the measure.

During a question period, Saltonstall reported that there are no college exemption provisions in the bill now before the Committee.

One Year of Training

He explained that the Senate draft plan, differing from the Andrews bill of the House, would provide for one year of training for 18-year-olds through an organized reserve, as well as a regular draft for men 19 through 25.

Veterans with from 3 to 13 months service would be exempt from the draft, but would have to sign up in the reserves, Saltonstall continued. He stressed the fact that these provisions have not yet been whipped into a final bill by the Committee.

"The U.N. has not progressed in organization and ability one half as fast as we had expected it would" and it is now necessary to "fall back on arms for safety," the ex-governor said.

Senator Saltonstall told the meeting that "what we do want is peace," but that "we must be strong to protect our own security before we can organize to preserve that peace."