Lining Them Up

Jayvee Football

Funny thing about jayvee football--you spend, on the average, half your practice time each week learning and executing other teams' offensive and defensive tactics. One day you run, say, the Cornell offense against a punishing varsity line; the next day you're the Army defense trying to keep the varsity's offense in check.

Then comes Saturday and you're supposed to win a game using your own defense and offense. Actually, any contact work the jayvees get in while guinea pigging for the varsity is to their advantage but it isn't the same as a practice session which can be of direct benefit.

But Ben McCabe, entering his second season as jayvee coach, isn't worried. In fact, he thinks he may be a bit over-optimistic because of the unusually high spirit and enthusiasm his men have shown. These two quantities, he feels, may make up for some of the deficiencies.

McCabe has a small team experienced at most positions. A starting eleven is still a fairly nebulous thing and McCabe will use up to 30 men in the first couple of gamees. There are only four games on the jayvee schedule this year but they are all against major opposition, whereas last year's slate had more games, including a few easy ones. There will be no easy once this fail.

McCabe's most successful ground-gainer last season, Dune Mauran, will be at fullback again this year and will probably carry much of the load. Hugh Edmends, a former varsity man, is quarterbacking along with Lee Pernice; Joe Broide and Bob Wiley are the first two wingbacks; Sing Dolan, Dusty Burke, and Dudley Celton the tailbacks. Dolan is out with a leg injury and won't be able to open the season against Army here Saturday morning.

In the line, McCabe has Art Rohn and Al Sawyer, right ends; Stan Miller and Peter Hill, tackles; Hansen and John Harding, guards; Hob Balzer and Dave Waring, centers; Lew Gordon and Carl Bazer, left guards; Bob Shaw and Bob Thompson, left tackles; Alex Serglenko, George Emmons, Pete Leavitt, left ends.