Idler Picks Sartre's Play 'No Exit' For Fall Production; Cast Selected

Radcliffe Idler players will turn existentialist with their major fall production of Jean Paul Sartre's "No Exit" December 1 and 2 in Agassiz Theater. The presentation of the modern morality play will be a new experiment for the group.

Casting for the production was completed last night. The four sinners include Connaught O'Connell '52 as Estelle; Carla Freidman '52 as Inez; Edward W. Franklin 3L as Garcon; and Jerry Kohn '52 as the valet. All action takes place in "a new kind of hell," an ornately decorated room where the characters must spend eternity in each others' presence.

Mrs. Mark Howe will direct the show; Mary McArdle '52 and Jane Prescott '51 will handle production; and Kay Mathews '52 will do the costuming.

A curtain-raiser, Alfred DeMusset's "A Door Must be Open or Shut," will precede the main production. Casting for the 15 minute comedy will take place next week.

Last November Harvard's Radio Workshop and Radio Workshop and Radio Radcliffe presented the international radio premiere of Sartre's "No Exit" over WHRB and Radio Radcliffe.

Idler's Workshop group will give a one-actor entitled "The Faraway Princess" this afternoon in Agassiz Theater. The production gives Idler candidates a chance to show their talent.