'53 Register to Be Distributed Tonight

The Freshman Register will come-out tonight for distribution in the Union, Register business manager Donald M. Landis '50, announced yesterday.

Landis, who is also business manager of 314, the first all College year book, announced simultaneously that the photography section of the annual will be closed at noon Saturday, the deadline for return of proofs by seniors to the Yearbook Publications office in Holyoke House.

Last Chance

Today is the last chance for the men of the Class of 1950 to have their photographs taken at the Harvard Studio, 669 Boylston Street, Landis said.

With the complete biographical section going to the printer this month, Landis predicted that 314 will be ready for distribution in late May or early June. The volume will contain, he said, more senior portraits than any issue of the Senior Album series, which it succeeds.