T. S. Eliot Reads Work on Newest Vocarium Record

A recording by T. S. Elliot 10, reading his poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," appeared in Square stores this week. The reading, which covers both sides of a 12-inch record, was made in London recently by the Harvard Vocarium, which collects records of poets reading from their own works.

The Eliot record was first made in Cambridge two springs ago when the noted poet came to the College for a Morris Gray Readings on modern poetry, but the original record was found to be imperfect and Eliot made another recording recently at his London home for the Vocarium.

This is the fifth record of an Eliot reading cut by the Vocarium group. The recent Nobel Prize winner made his first 15 years ago.

Copies of the record are also selling in Widener Library