The Moviegoer

At the Metropolitan

Brave men fought and women cried,

Villains drew and shot and died,

Alexis Smith became a bride,

In Technicolor.

The first man hurt was Victor Jory,

His hair and face were rendered gory,

The last to die was Zachary Scott--

Scott was shot.

It all took place in Brownsville, Texas,

Concerning Yankees, Rebs, and Mexes,

The Civil War provides the nexus,

But not the guns.

The hero's played by Joel McCrea,

His name's in lights on the Met marquee,

The villain might be Zachary Scott--

Scott was shot.

It was just an aimless slaughter,

With no one doing what they oughter,

Just back and forth across the border

With wagons full of guns.

To damn the plot is not quite fair,

The plot! What plot? It just ain't there

Maybe that's why Scott was shot.