Clothier Suffers Second Robbery Within 2 Months

Hunter Haig was robbed for the second time in as many months early last evening when two bandits broke in the front door, filled their automobile with clothing, and drove away unquestioned.

Benny Sills, owner of the clothing store, estimated loss at $8,000. The thieves cleared one entire shelf of suits and had started on another before they left. They also took a new shipment of white tuxedoes as well as the store's complete stock of seersuckers.

Police late last night disclosed that the Bulck sedan used by the burglars was reported stolen in Cambridge yesterday afternoon. It belongs to the Maiden School Department. It's license number was recorded by the two Adams residents who witnessed and reported the store robbery.

Pudgy and Young

Police did not arrive on the scene until well after the robbers had pulled away, despite the fact that two undergraduates who had seen the break from their Adams House windows telephoned authorities immediately.

Witnesses, who described the intruders as "young, of medium height, and pudgy," said that they pulled off the break by parking their automobile on Plympton Street, directly in front of the store and

filing it to the root before driving away.

They apparently entered the building merely by forcing open the door, which had a weak lock. The car used for the getaway was a black Buick sedan, but police were investigating the possibility that the same men were responsible for the theft of a red convertible from the Union Square garage