Crimson Debaters Tie with Williams

Williams debaters tied with the Debate Council last night at Leverett House in an argument on the topic "Resolved, That a liberal arts education can better be obtained in a college than a university." The third judge had failed to arrive, and the two present split their votes between the two teams.

Crimson debaters Donald A. Gianella '51 and David M. Heer '50 held that a university was better than a college on academic, social, and preparatory grounds. The university with its greater wealth can retain the best professors in every field they said. It can also attract a greater variety of students from all locates and economic levels with its prestige and endowment, thus furnishing the best association for men in training for life in society, according to their argument.

The Williams due insisted that the university method is so impersonal that even though if has the big men it is impossible for the student to come in contact with them.